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The Best AdSense alternatives in 2017 (Updated)

( ->If you are struggling to get some money in your pocket and trying hard to get AdSense approval but still fail ! then you have come along here alright, It's also better to work along these to get some extra money along with AdSense.)

This guide provides you with the best alternatives of AdSense to monetize your website.

(The link above is worth of visiting which is Neil patel best extensive researched guide on monetizing website.)

I think that third party advertisement is one of the most reliable and easiest way to earn money from a website.

You would definitely agree with me and you would also agree that AdSense is the king of third party advertisement.

Why third party advertisement works well?  
  • your visitors only need to view or click an ad to make money.
  • you don't need to do anything else.
  • works well for small sites.
  • as of today ads are targeted for an user who's visiting history is monitored to analyze his interest and get most relevant ads for him.(it means maximum no. of clicks.)
But the hard thing is that it's difficult to AdSense approval.

You can also get banned for invalid clicks, traffic from unknown sources and for many other reasons also.

So in such situation it is better to focus on other alternatives for AdSense. 

I have brought this guide exclusively for those who are struggling to get AdSense approval or are willing to have some more money along with AdSense.

I have been searching for a long time about the best alternatives for AdSense that can work for small sites.

Small sites means getting between 1000-700 page views in a day including some good traffic from USA, UK and Cannada.

And I came across 6 ad Networks that provides CPC and CPA model.

If you don't know what are different models then there are 3 main ad models, CPM(Cost Per Thousand views), CPC(Cost Per Click),
CPA(Cost Per Action).

CPM - You get paid for every 1000 views of your ads.

CPC - You get paid for every click on your ads.

CPA - You get paid for every action performed by your readers for advertisers. It may be something like visiting other sites, downloading software, taking part in surveys.

I think CPC and CPM model are better than CPM because of their ability to generate more revenue.

The rates of CPC and CPM fluctuates and according to time and Geo location. So it's difficult to predict the rates.

I think on an average CPC and CPM rates maybe around in the ratio 1:5.

So let's suppose CPC be 0.30$ and CPM be 1.50$ then if we take for 1000 views on an average 20 clicks are possible to get.

So in CPC model in 1 day you get around 0.30$ x 20 = 6$ and for CPM it is just 1.50$.

(the number may go high or low because some times CPC rates even get above 3$ and average get to to 1.50$ and CPM also reach to 5-6$ for USA and UK.)

So Now Let's Move To The List...
 1) Media.net   
Media.net is a contextual ad network powered by Yahoo and Bing.

After Google other popular search engines are Yahoo and Bing.

As AdSense is for Google in the same way Media.net is for Yahoo and Bing.

Maybe it is the bets alternatives for AdSense. But it is not easy to get Media.net approval.

You can very well judge the quality of media.net as it was accquired by a Chinese company for 900 million $ the third largest ad tech acquisition ever.

  • High CPC rates.
  • very wide and quality range of advertisers.
  • dedicated account manager.
  • ads are monitored for better performance.
  • great referral program.
  •  sometimes difficult to get media.net approval.
2) Chitika  
It is also a contextual ad network and basically a CPC network.

You get here real time bidding information on your dashboard and can look at how many advertisers are interested in your site.

The great thing about this is network is that you get instant approval
here in just 30 seconds.

So in just 30 seconds you are able to monetize your site.

You can also use Chitika along with AdSense.

  • easy approval
  • works with AdSense.
  • not so high CPC as AdSense.
3) AdNow 
Adnow is a native advertising company that is you don't get ads of product on your sites.

You get ads of other sites on your site.

There are other sites who advertise their posts on your site.

Generally the clicks you get are higher for native advertising because of eye catching ads on your site.

  • easier to get approval.
  • more clicks you get.
  • Low CPC.
  • rules are very strict.
4) Infolinks    

Infolinks is an innovative ad platform which let you monetize your texts in blog.

That is some texts in your content are converted into links whenever  you get clicks on that links or someone hovers over that link a description opens about that link and you get paid for that.

There are also banner, interestial ads but in-text ads are best as they save the space in your blog.

Generally it takes 2-5 buisness days to get their approval and they look more at the quality of your blog.

  • In-text ads do not take much place.
  • Good CPC rates.
  • It is sometimes difficult to get approval.
5) Bidvertiser 

At first instant this site looks very old. You may think it as a fraud and very outdated site but this would be a very wrong assumption.

I have seen many of my Blogger friends who earn more than 500$ per month form it. I have seen their Bidvertiser dashboard and I also saw CPC rates as high as 1.50$.
6So, it is a good way to monetize your site.

Here also you get instant approval as soon as you start a blog.

Bidvertiser is in the game a long time ago so it's a well known name for advertisers.

There are many different niches for which you can monetize your sites.

  • Very well known name for advertisers.
  • Easy approval.
  • Good CPC rates.
  • old looking sites.
  • not much high quality ads.
6) Revenuehits 
Revenuehits is mainly a CPA model ad network which means for every action your reader performs you get paid not for clicks. It also provides CPM model also.
Generally the action maybe downloading some software, filling form, visiting other sites.
It works great if your niche is not approved by AdSense (hacking, torrentz sites.) 

Revenuehits is famous for pop-ups but you can also have banner ads.

Here also you get instant approval.

  • instant approval.
  • ads for all niches.
  • good CPA and CPM rates.
  • very low CPM rates at some Geo-locations.
 Final Words

I think from the list only two take time to get you approval and that are Media.net and Infolinks form which Media.net is more strict.
If your site get between 700-1000 visitors including traffic from US and Cannada and you don't violate their terms and condition then you make through them.
Next one is Adnow which is less strict then these two but it checks the quality of your site and bans you if it founds a fraud looking site.
And the next 3 gives you easy approval in less than 30 seconds and I have hardly found any site being banned form these.
At last I would say it is only the quality of your site that can make you money as there are not any shortcuts( if you are finding) to make money.


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  4. Hello everybody i read a post on Get Adsense approval article on this site they said your domain should be at least 2 month old to be approved but some bodies saying it should be 5 month old. Please help me how much old it should be to get approved by adsense. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey! buddy I think domain age is not an important aspect and cannot be predicted that how much old it should be for AdSense approval because there is no such description about it on their official site.

      I think you should consider on more important aspect that is, you can convince AdSense reviewers that you have got some really decent sort of work which their publishers can appreciate and would love to advertise on it then it is only a matter of seconds that they will approve you.

      Just make them feel that you and your site is worthy of investment.

      And at last I would not like to comment on what others say regarding Domain Age because most of times I have found them faulty!

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