Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to Enable Guest Post in Blooger

Today I will tell you about how you can enable guest post on you Blogger blog or how to make a multi author blog on Blogger.

It's one of the best features that Blogger provides that you can make a Blog with at most 100 authors writing for a single blog and this guide will get you through the various steps that you need to do and various things that you need to know before you allow anyone to write on your Blogger blog.

But before that here are some quick benefits that you get from allowing others to write.

  • Your hard work of creating a post reduces at 0 cost
  • You get a platform to establish a beneficial relationship.
  • You get more exposure and new audience by getting backlinks (Yes, it is weird but if guest author owns a good Blog, it is sure   that he will highlight this on his blog.)
  • You get listed on other blogs in their list of guest posting sites.
That's why I have recently started Show your talent on TechxGuy. If you are interested you can send me an email at techxguy007@gmail.com.

So now that you got a crisp idea about why you should start guest posting on your Blog?.

Now it's time to know how to add author on your Blogger blog. 

Follow these steps ->
  • Go to settings > basic.

  • Under permissions section.
  • Select add an author

  • Then enter the email address of the author you want to add (it is not necessary to have a gmail address.)
  • Now click invite authors. 
  • And now an email from your name or blog administrator will be send to the guest author email address.


The purpose of this message is to inform you that Ankeet Singh has invited you to contribute to their blog "TechxGuy". To accept this invitation, click on the button below.
Accept invitation
Important: You will need to sign in with a Google Account to accept the invitation and start contributing to this blog. If you don’t have a Google Account you can create one here.
Happy blogging,
The Blogger Team
  • For anyone to contribute to your blog it is necessary to have a Google account.
  • As soon as the guest author accepts the invitation he will have to sign in his google account.
  • And it's done now he got listed as one of your writers for your blog.
 Now let's see what an author can do and cannot do on your blog ->
  • They can make a post and publish it.
  • They can edit the post they have created.
  • They can turn off comments for the posts they have created.
  • They can remove themselves as an author.
  • They can put ads code in between blog posts they have created.
  • They cannot edit posts made by an author or an administrator.
  • They cannot see the blog statistics.
  • They cannot change the blog layout and edit the theme.
  • They cannot change Blog's URL, title or description.
  • They cannot add authors to your blog.
  • They cannot edit any of the pages of your blog. 
My suggestions 
Before sending any invitation to any author you need to know that he comply with your terms and conditions.
You need to be careful before giving anyone author powers but I don't think that there is any risk associated with it because you can easily remove anyone from author list unless you are blog administrator.
Next thing is that you should make any author know how do you get things done on your blog like how you write? how you use social media to promote it, your behaviour towards your audience.
At last, I would say that it is a good idea to start guest posting on your blog because of all the benefits it get to you. 
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