Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Art Of Branding Blog To Next Level

The best of the best strategies out there in the entrepreneurial hub is Branding - an unmatched step to take a product to the next level.

Branding is the concept of series of repeated promotion of a brand or a product to such an extent that people start to believe in your product.

So, how can we get behind in this in digital marketing?

Are you ready to make your blog a brand to the next level? 

Then today we are going to see all sorts of secret branding techniques used by some famous blogger in the blogosphere.

But before that let's see what all calculated benefits a blog gets from branding ->
  • Branding just gets you ahead of your competition.
  • People remember you and that increases your trust factor which is very important to make money.
  • You can maintain a long-term beneficial relationship with your audience.
  • Your audience creates a lot of buzz about yourself.
  • Your bounce rates reduces.
  • You get recurring visits and create loyal audience.
Who don't want these benefits?

And getting these is also not much difficult if you are willing to just follow these simple steps mentioned here which most successful internet marketers do.

1) Make Your Profile.

When people get to know about yourself then they get a way to connect with you.

In every page of blog add about the author gadget or plugin having your photo and your description.

Try to write truly about yourself because expressing way too far from reality can create a negative impression about yourself.

You can also see I have also put my photo which is a cartoon of myself because it looks cooler than me.😁

The biggest advantage you get here is that if someone remembers you and find your article on search engine or on social media then chances are there that they will come to your site unless you have a positive impression or it may be opposite.

So, if you apply this technique correctly then it is one of the best way to increase recurring visits and also making loyal readers of your blog.

This is a good strategy but if you don't have any valuable content for your readers and expect to brand your blog this way.

It won't happen then.

Some really valuable content is must to rise and this is our next point.

2) Write mostly unique and valuable content.

"Content is the king" this is the real truth after Google changed its algorithm. And this is one of the right things that was expected to happen.

To create a space in your audience mind and to secure your position at the top of search engine results, this is the best thing you can do.

I am not gonna talk about how many backlinks and promotion you will get for valuable content.

According to my perception till this date I think it is the only thing that need to be done to create a brand.

Some really jaw- dropping articles is always like skyrocketing your branding campaign.

So how do you know that your readers feel that your content is outstanding?

To know that your content is valuable there are four ways-
  • Check your social media likes and shares (best way)
I think the best way to know that your content is worthy is to see how well you are doing on social media ?

Does your articles are getting likes and shares?

If yes that means you really have something that is able to motivate people to share it and it means that they fell that your content is valuable.
  • Check your bounce rates
There are mainly 3 reasons for people bouncing off your site-

 1) slow site loading time.

 2) poor design.

 3) your content is not good enough.
If you have the rest two alright that it is your design and site loading time then you can think that your content is not good enough to make them stay in your site.

You can get check your bounce rates here ->
  • Google Analytics
  • Woopra  
  • Mint
  • Clicky
  • Chartbeat
  • Kissmetrics
  • Crazzyegg
Goggle Analytics works best and you can try others if you want.
  •  Check your comments
Comments are also a good way to know if your content is good or not but I don't think that it is a reliable source to evaluate your content because today comment has more became a method of link placement only.

If your blog has very good domain authority and ranks on Google then no matter what you write I'm pretty sure that you will get many positive comments.

But there are some good people also who really appreciate your work, whom you can consider as a factor to check your content. 
  • Check your average engagement time
It is the sum of total visits you get divided by total time spent on your site.
You may say that this is the best way to know if your content is valuable or not. And you are right it is probably one of the best way to evaluate your content.
And again you can check your average engagement period on Google Analytics.
3)Make Your Logo

Logo is a simple way to use more effective part of your brain that is the visual recognition.

Your brain actually process 90% of the inputs visually so you can very well understand that a cool logo is very important to brand your blog.

You should first think clearly and decide on paper that how your logo should be.

If you are not getting ideas, then looking at logos of other brands maybe helpful.

You can also spend money for making a logo from any professional.

They do all the photoshop work and everything that you don't want to get through.

Or you can also try these free online logo maker ->
Once you make a Logo you are now able to set your blog as a powerful brand.

4)Create Your Own Forum Or Group

This is one of the best techniques to make your blog a brand because it allow you to connect directly with your audience.

You can make either of these two but setting a Facebook group or Google community is lot more easier and cheaper (almost free) than creating a forum.

Whether you create a forum or not but you must at least create a private Facebook group or a Google+ community. (to protect it from spamming.)

The main motto of creating this is to build a community of loyal readers.

And branding something is to develop a trust factor among users which you can do very well through creating forum or any social media group.

Now you have to be as dedicated to it as you are for your blog.

At first you may have small community but it will be of quality readers that have potential to increase your sales.

This is also one of the best technique to increase deals in affiliate marketing.

Really this will be very fruitful for your online success but you need to keep patience at starting. 

Thing you need to focus on ->
  • Become an active member if someone raises any question then answer it sincerely.
  • Make it a real quality place for your community
  • Now as the community expands your success factor also increases, so this is what you are going to focus on.
How to grow your community?
Just expanding your community is not the real deal, having some quality people is the real thing that you should focus on and the best source to get them is other established community or forum.
I call this technique hijacking members from other popular groups and it is the next best thing you can do to grow your community.
Just search some popular forums and community on your niche, be an active member and involve in the group and get known for some good cause.
That's it, know you will get visits from that groups if they know your site and also that chances are high that if they know your community then they can become a member of your community.
Have you ever heard about fans of a particular blog? Believe me this is the best way to make fans for your blog.
5)Branding Yourself

Harsh Agrawal, founder of is a prominent Indian Blogger.

He has one of the popular blog in his niche with over 900,000 people connected to his blog.

He does follow all the strategies that I have mentioned here to brand his blog but he also follow one more that is branding himself.

I'm not sure that he does this intentionally or it is a natural part of him.

He actually shares everything about him, his life story, his experiences , his vacations, his marriage and everything you can imagine.

Another very popular Blogger and founder of Crazzyeggs and kissmetrics, Neil Patel in his blog and also brands himself in the best way. 

He also writes about his life story and many other things about himself.

Even he named his blog Neil patel only maybe as a strategy to brand himself. 

He had become so much popular that he is considered as an icon in digital marketing. People take picture with him and use that picture on the about the author section to brand themselves.

It is really interesting and satisfying to read their story and know about them.

I think as people read about you  regularly and know you, then there develops a mental bond between yourself and your audience.

And this is what Branding main focus is, if you get to this stage then you simply outlast all your competitors.

Just make it simple, do not use any fantasy story about yourself, be the real you and open up to your audience.

Express the moments that made an impact in your life and changed your life. Inspire the world with your unimaginable ideas.      

6)Show Your Honest Income Report

I think some of you may feel little uneasy with this strategy because it haunts the privacy of many bloggers but it is also one of the really good strategy to attract audience.

You might know Pat Flynn founder of smartpassiveincome, his income reports are always viral.

He makes around 150,000$ every month and posts it and shares his ups and down.

I love his articles but if he had not made his income reports public. I don't think I would have just stuck my eyes on his blog every time I visited it.

I also don't think I would have become crazy visiting his blog and knowing more about SPI.

Harsh Agrawal also makes his income reports public.

He gives detail about his expenditures and some sources of income.

His income report are also gets viral a lot.

If you type shoutmeloud on google search then you can see shoutmeloud income report is recommended as one of the most searched item.
You can very well imagine how crazy people get to know others income.

I think getting to know about others income is the sweetiest thing to know in the world.

When they see that you are earning for your blog then a sense of quality is created in the their mind.

And also very important is that you create reputation for your blog.

Now it is completely upon you that whether you decide to give your earning report or not?

I leave over to you to choose the best decision you think for your blog.  

7)Branding From Other Brands 

This is the last strategy on branding your blog and probably the toughest one.

In this strategy you have to get yourself pump up, create some outstanding piece of work and connect with other influencers in your niche.

Tell them you have got something brilliant and ask to link to some of your outstanding work.

Now it is the toughest part of this strategy don't think it as simple as making a piece of bread and butter.

You may get backlinks sometimes and sometimes not.

There will also be time when you will be denied because of more selfish nature of blogger.

So, do not loose hope when things are not going according to your desires.

Every time you get denial from other bloggers look at every possible ways for that you got denial, correct it and go to other bloggers which are smaller than previous because sometime your site quality can't match to other top sites in your niche.

Now one golden rule for lesser no. of rejections is to offer something very valuable to other, so it gets difficult for him to deny your proposal.

Remember, it is every time a deal when you reach out to other bloggers in your niche.

Now I believe that you have managed to get mentioned on other blogger bigger than your's then it's time to promote this.

Mention in your page that you were seen on such and such blogs.

I think it is one of the cool ways to get your blog a brand and it also works great because those blog who have earn trust from people began to deliver some of the trust earned by them to your blog.

Over to You

I think you have gone through this small size post and have made a road map ready to make your blog a brand.

You should think over branding in your own way and act as if your blog is already a brand.

If you act like this I'm sure that you won't be missing to follow the real standards and values that it takes to be a brand like honesty, quality, integrity and truth.

Remember that this is what decides your success as a blogger.

You should do every thing possible in your part and hope to get to the top.

Well I think that now you have acknowledge everything to do branding of your blog to the next level. 




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