Sunday, 11 June 2017

How to put posts in different pages in Blogger

In this post, I'll discuss how to put posts in different pages in blogger?

I think you will be willing to know about this mainly because of two reasons->
  • all posts come to your homepage and it does not look good.
  • you want to categorize posts in different subheadings or pages (eg- Seo, widgets etc.)
I've got the solution for both the reasons.

1) Making your Blog's Homepage Look good

If you have started a Blog on Blogger and you are new to it then one thing that may irritate you is that all the posts come to your Homepage. 

It was very irritating for me also. And mostly every new blogger complains about it because the common reason is that your Homepage does not look good this way.

(Maybe sometimes but sites like Forbes and some other has all its posts in Homepage only.) 

So now let's move on to a simple solution that you can do but before that, I think most of you do not understand the situation exactly.

Let me tell you that every time you create a post it is displayed over  Homepage as well as a new page is created.

So actually you make posts that go on different unique pages, created especially for your post.

In your home page where you have all your pages, you get a link over every title of your post when you click over that you got to the corresponding Page of that post.

Now after that you understood it's time to make your Homepage look less complex.

So now got to any of your posts and make your cursor at that line up to which you want to show it on Homepage. now click the jump break tool.

 And it's done that's it. A very simple technique.

2) Getting posts under different subheadings or pages.

This one is also damn easy as previous one.

For this, you should be familiar with labels. 

So when you are creating a Post, there at the upper right corner just under post settings you will get labels down.

Before that, you should have the page created and the page title is going to be the label name for all the posts that are going to come under that posts.

You can use as many label names as you want whatever you type there becomes a label for your Blog.

You can make one post come under different pages at a time by adding different labels related to pages.

But remember if you want to remove a post from homepage completely that is not going to happen this way.

For that, you need to make your homepage static that I will tell you in the next Post.

Final words

These situations seem complex at the first time but their solutions are very simple.

If you have some query please comment below. I'm always there to help you out.



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