Thursday, 27 April 2017

How to create a menu bar in blogger

It is sometimes frustrating and overwhelming to do something that is out of your knowledge and needs some technical issues which is not the job for most of people.

I am amateur android developer so I know java but I am not that of master in HTML5 and CSS yeah I am aware of basics of javascript and HTML and CSS but for me making a menu bar is not easy. 

I tried to make a menu bar and you can also make but it is very frustrating to get things done in a simple way.

So I get to know about the simple ways to make a menu bar in blogger.   

You can make menu bar in blogger in this two ways->

1) Adding third party code into the theme.

2)Using the blogger feature to create a menu bar.

Know if you want to make your menu bar stylish and look great then you can add third party code.

But this has its own limitations->

 - Editing your theme may work or may not work sometimes.

 - It becomes complex sometimes.

 - Each time you add a tab or label you have to edit the code in   
    your own way or get the additional code from the third party.    

I'm not going to do that way because it can become very frustrating for you.

So, I'm going to do it in that way how blogger has recommended.

You can actually make a good looking menu bar this way but it does not have drop down option.

1)  First get into your Blogger account.

2) Go to Layout, Find cross-column, click on + Add a gadget.


3) Now add the Page gadget.

4) It's done you have created a Menu Bar.

Now you have to add links, all the pages you created get listed on the page gadget, click on them to add them on the menu bar.

Now if you want to make a tab let's say SEO and add all posts related to SEO then you can do that this way.

1) First, make a post with Label XYZ and then Publish it.

2) Now go to your blog and click on the label link. 

3) Copy the URL of that page.

4) Now go to Layout  and in your Page Gadget click on add      
      external link and paste your link there.

5) Now every post with XYZ label will appear on that page  

Wrapping Up

This was the method recommended by Blogger but I recommend you to add code if you have some experience working with HTML and CSS because I could not find any reliable third party sites offering code for creating the menu bar.

But the Blogger's menu bar is also good and can work for you.

I found a real good video on youtube you can check out the steps from this video and know hoe to get your work done.


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