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Create Sitemap and Boost your organic traffic

Still not created Sitemap for your site, then you should make it now.
Continue reading to know:

  • What is sitemap?
  • How to increase traffic?
  • How to make the sitemap?
  • How to increase traffic with sitemap? 
What is Sitemap?

As the name indicates it is a map and definitely it is related to your site.

If you visit any authority website you may have found many links on it or many pages or posts, so sometimes it gets difficult for search engine to find them, they may sometimes can't find them and will also not show them in search results.

To encounter such problems we have a sitemap.
[ Note- so called small sites links are not visible to search engines and it gets difficult for search engines to index them. ]

Sitemap according to Wikipedia.

A sitemap is a list of pages of a website to crawlers or users.

It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for web design or a web page that lists the page on a website.

[ A sitemap is a list of pages contained in a website that is available for the user and search engines to navigate a site and find the content they are looking for. ] 

How it increases traffic?

Basically, it assists search engines to find links to various pages of your site.  

How search engines will find your site links from billions of websites?

The only way is giving links.

Although they may find links as they crawl entire web but it may take time.

And if you get your site index on the search engine you will start getting organic traffic. It may be low or high depending on your site.

How To make Sitemap? 

The most important part but it has some technical aspects.

But don't worry you can get it all done for free as there are many free sitemap generators online.

Thanks to these guys they make my life so easy.

Before going to Google and find any Sitemap generator you should know that there are 2 types of sitemap one HTML and another XML.

XML( Extensible Markup Language) is a preferred language for transfer of data.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) this one should be used in our site's page.( not so important)

Check the google lists of Sitemap generator tool.

You only need XML sitemap generator for Blogger(although it has default one but I think does not work properly), if you are using Wordpress, Weebly and other Content Management System then they automatically generate sitemap for you.

For blogger the best sitemap generator are ->

How to increase your traffic with XML sitemap?
The whole motive to create sitemap is to make your site more search engine friendly.
So, after creating sitemap the next step is to submit the sitemap to different search engines. 
If you your CMS has created sitemap automatically then you can find it on https://www.yoursitename.com/sitemap.xml/.
These search engines will list your site and maybe your site get's flooded with traffic (what's wrong in imagining this). 
Our target is to get ahead and submit the sitemap to top search engines, it makes me a sure of the fact that it would get at least some traffic to kick start your site.
[ Check the increase in the number of crawling of my test site after I have submitted the sitemap in google search console.]
[ I hope that would you would understand the importance of Sitemap.]
 Top search engines ->
  • Google  - Alexa rank-1
  • Yahoo   - Alexa rank-6
  • Yandex - Alexa rank-30
  • Msn      - Alexa rank-38
  • Bing      -  Alexa rank-41
  • Ask       - Alexa rank-115
  • AOL        - Alexa rank-279
  • ActiveSearchResults - Alexa rank-36,969
[ there are many search engines but I have included those whose Alexa rank is below 50,000.]

These are some of the top search engines but in the list AOL and Ask does not provide the feature of adding sitemap.

Whereas Google, (Yahoo, MSN, Bing), ActiveSearchResults and Yandex support adding site and sitemap both functionality.

For Yahoo, Bing and MSN you have to add Sitemap to Bing webmaster tool (Create a Microsoft account if you do not have.)

Now log in to your account and open Bing Webmaster tool.

Add your site and then Add sitemap and fill in the sitemap and it's done.

 Now let's move to Google.

 First log in to your google account and then open google search 

 Now verify your site and then add your sitemap. That's it Just   
 simple enough.

After that it's time for Yandex, you can create account here. The same steps go here also. 

For ActiveSearchResults do the same here.


Now you've made it, I think your CMS may generate default sitemap but getting an extra effort of adding sitemap will surely boost your organic effort.

Now after regular interval update your sitemap so that new urls get index on search engine.

WARNING -> Don't use sites to submit sitemap on many search
engines because Google, Bing and many other search engines consider it a spam practice.

Your site may be penalized and can get it's ranking reduced and can even  get banned.

So, Hope you like the information Please comment if you have any queries/



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