Monday, 13 March 2017

How to make a FREE blog in blogger in less than 2 min

Today I will tell you how to make your next blog for
 free and in just 2 min.
But before that do you know why you should start Blogging ?

  • It is the best and most reliable way to make money online.
  • You can make a good fan following in the internet.
  • You get the most easiest, effective and cheapest way to promote and brand yourself and your product.
(It's damm important and difficult to promote a startup.)
I know that some of you may be skeptical about making money online , I too was...

But when I got to know that some of my friends were earning about $1000 per month from blogging, I was really surprised 😲 and was seriously motivated to start a blog.

So I did research online and asked my friends to know that what is the best and the cheapest way to start a blog.

The most favored answer that I got was Blogger(Blogspot).

Check out The Ultimate Cheatsheet of Free Bloggig platform   to know which is the best way to blogging platform.

All of my friends recommended me to start a Blog on Blogger because ->

  • Blogger is owned by Google a very trusted brand so there is not doubt of any fraud.
  • Blogger gives free subdomain name and free hosting for unlimited days with a good storage space.
  • Blogger's blogs actually get adsense approval easily.
(Adsense is the most trusted way to monetize a Blog.
And favored by most bloggers.)
  • Blogger's blogs get indexed on search engine more easily than other.

  • Blogger is very easy to use for a beginner.
  • Blogger has good themes.

How to make a Blog in Blogger ?

1. sign into yougoogle account .If you don't have one create it here.

 2.Once signed go to tabs in uppermost right corner 
and click on Blogger icon.

3.Now get a title and address for your blog and click on create blog.

Choose an address that is easy to remember and not big in size.Don't use any symbol in your domain name.

4.Congratulations!! you have successfully created your first blog.

You may feel happy ,but this is a small step towards your success.

Now what to do next?

It's time know to make your first post and focus to get
adSense approval.

But remember it's not easy to get adSense approval you have to write at least more than 15 quality and SEO friendly post and increase your traffic.

Now you are not going to get instant and automatic traffic to your blog and also don't beleive at first to get insane traffic.

You are traffic to your blog will increase with time and you will get traffic from google after you get some quality of work done and build some high quality links to your site.

You should use social media to increase traffic and keep patience and work consistently to get adSense approval.

Remember social media will be the first place from where you will get traffic and also one of the top sources from where you will get traffic after you hit some success.

Top social media from where you will get traffic are ->

Though there are many adSense alternatives to earn money but they don't work as adSense do.

My Final thoughts

It is not so difficult for you to earn money if you work hard and keep patience but if you would not take care of quality of your blog like many other Blogger than it is difficult to survive.

I hope that you make most out of your blogging journey and be the best (all the best👍)


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