This Blog is the platform of expression of thoughts which can impact our life. TechxGuy is now only focusing on Digital Marketing, Making Money Online, Blogging and SEO. But I'm sure that we are forward on various other niche also.

We are on a mission to bridge the Gap between seeking for success and getting the success.

I acknowledge that I'm not an expert or any writer of this blog because believing yourself an expert is the end of gaining the infinite ocean of knowledge.

The Knowledge that is served to you is based on the knowledge I gathered from reading hundreds of  other blogs,
my experience and my experiment.

I believe that knowledge can never be gain 100% unless you apply it, analyze it, and experience it. I can never guarantee you 100% success because nobody can give you. It is you who has control so either give me your 100% control so I can give you 100% success or use it in your own way.

Our Mission

-> giving practical knowledge to bridge the gap between you        and your success.
-> sharing our best effort for your knowledge.
-> Empowering you as an online marketer, Seo consultant,  
     blogger, digital marketer, Tech seeker, Enterpreneur, 
     positive lifestyle seeker.
[Note-: there are some niches we haven't started and we are optimystic to start in future.]
->Building your dreams in the reality.
->Reviving your internal TechxFactor.

Monetization (&finance,#profit)

TechxGuy is a profit organization and helps other to increase the profit.

All the ways we use to generate money does not compromise with your experience as a reader.

There would not be any monetization method use to gain profit form you as a reader of this blog unless it is our hardcore specialized service.

All deals available to you from this Blog would be with highest and best dignity to help you gain form these deals.

As it is very necessary for us to earn to keep our Blog and efforts alive. So we request your kind permission to allow us to do it.

hope we would be able to give you our best of best and continue to build this relationship more better and better for our positive future.

Thank you
(Team TechxGuy)     

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